Luxe Buffet by SHGM

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Luxe Buffet

[img src=]4080Luxe Buffet Entrance
[img src=]2570Luxe Buffet Dining Room
[img src=]1980Luxe Buffet Hostess booth
[img src=]1810Luxe Buffet Kebabs
[img src=]1690Luxe Buffet Salad Bar
[img src=]1620Luxe Buffet Hot line
[img src=]1570Luxe Buffet Peel and eat shrimps
[img src=]1410Luxe Buffet
[img src=]1480Luxe Buffet seafood bar
[img src=]1260Luxe Buffet Pizza Station
[img src=]1090Luxe Buffet hot line 2
[img src=]1100Luxe Buffet hot line 3
[img src=]1060Luxe Buffet Dessert Station
[img src=]1040Luxe Buffet
[img src=]1060Luxe Buffet Sea food and Crab legs
[img src=]1050Luxe Buffet Burger station
[img src=]1010Luxe Buffet Crab legs
[img src=]1050Luxe Buffet Smoke Salmon Brunch
[img src=]970Luxe Buffet Bread
[img src=]950Luxe Buffet dessert
[img src=]950Luxe Buffet dessert 2

Luxe @ Dania Beach Casino Menu for Friday 09/09

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Scampi Fried Fish
Rosemary Braised Pork
Tuscan Beef Brisket

Roasted Vegetables
Mashed Potatoes

Chicken Marsala









Baked Vegetarian Ziti

Pasta Station

Hamburger Station

Tomato Bisque

Chicken Noodle Soup

Peel and Eat Shrimps

Salad Bar


Italian seafood salad

Green Lip Mussels

And our Dessert Station